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 2016 Looking for Grandma

3)   How do you bill us? What is the break down of the cost of your services, by area. (i.e. report, researching)                    3) Billing is at a straight hourly rate for all time devoted to the project - research, analysis, document and report preparation, etc. One copy (usually ink-jet printout or photocopy) of each major document found (census, will, etc) is included. Additional summary documents are also included. If the client desires extensive duplication of all records searched, or if there are other costs involved (such as fees for obtaining Government records) these will be added , at cost. If a client desires "on site" research, travel expenses may be incurred. When the client is willing to wait for research at Salt Lake City to occur on a scheduled trip there are generally no travel costs billed. Specially scheduled trips there, or other trips, are all billed - but will only be undertaken after specific, individualized written agreements have been reached. Typically, available airfare, car rental, and available accommodations are the major factors in addition to actual research time.
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