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 2016 Looking for Grandma

4)   Cost per hour / cost per block of time /  price of project? Do you charge by the hour, the job or a block of time?             Since the nature of the work precludes a guarantee of results (specific relative identified, specific documentation found, or anything located in a given time frame!) all projects are billed on an hours spent basis. My efforts will be directed to providing as much information as I can, as economically as I can. My fee is $35.00 (US) per hour. New clients are expected to purchase a minimum starter block of 3 (three) hours for $100.00, prepaid. The initial report for this would include any indications of exceptional difficulty (example: there were 20,000 individuals by that name in those census years, without knowing where he lived, when he was born, or his wife or siblings names I cannot reasonably identify this individual)  or of good fortune (example: this individual is included in a reputable Family History. All known descendants of an original ancestor born 1634 are included in a book available from the family organization for $52.) Both of these examples are approximations of actual occurrences in my research.
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