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 2016 Looking for Grandma

6)        What do I need to provide you with in order to begin? In order to begin I need:            a) An agreement as to authorized cost limit, with prepayment of at least the minimum.            b) Sufficient information to identify a subject individual or family at a given date and place. Privacy restrictions are such that this is most effectively someone born before 1930. (I will specify here that I am not multilingual. Although translators are available, if you anticipate the need for extended work with non English resources you would be better served by some other researcher.) The more plentiful (and more accurate) this information is, the more likely it is that satisfactory research can take place in a timely fashion.            c) Guidelines as to the type of project you desire (emphasis on maximum number of generations, emphasis on the individual's siblings and their descendants, connections to historic events, etc.) and the preferred forms of report/documentation desired.            d) Preferably the above in writing.            e) Full contact information for the client.
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