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Hi, My name is Doug Crosby. I’m a retired USPS Rural Letter Carrier, with twenty five years of full time service, plus some earlier time as a sub. Prior to that I had a variety of jobs, mostly involving residential construction. It was the offer of a position as Superintendent for a homebuilder that brought my wife and I to Oregon many years ago.  As noted on the “First visit ?” page, I am neither an Accredited nor Certified Genealogist. I am a member of the National Genealogical Society, The Association of Professional Genealogists, some local organizations , and various subscription research organizations. I started doing this research for my own family, then on a part time basis to d evelop a "retirement occupation". My genealogical research experience includes hundreds of hours of research, several weeks' work at Salt Lake City, and trips across the country for on site work in courthouses, cemeteries, libraries and H istorical Societies in New England and the Middle Atlantic States - over the past 30-35 years. Non Genealogical research experience includes the development of Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Tax Exemption documents, seminars and presentations for a (now defunct) Nonprofit Corporation and a "for fun" project which, when presented to Dr._, Librarian of an accredited college, invoked the initial question "Are you working on your Doctoral Thesis?" I serve as a volunteer at the genealogical help desk at a local library, am involved in the leadership of an active, informal genealogy club, and have made presentations to some local groups. Other interests include travel, photography, theology, model railroading and a love of reading.


Looking for Grandma:
Looking for Grandma is a licensed sole proprietorship business in Silverton, Oregon. Several years ago I participated in a National Genealogical Society research trip and had the opportunity to spend time with some nationally known individuals. They seemed to respect my efforts, and one in particular encouraged me to pursue the field, specifically suggesting membership in the Association of Professional Genealogists. That organization is directed at the application of ethical standards and profession development, regardless of individual accreditation. In 2004 I obtained the necessary licenses and began taking on friends’ projects “pro bono” to gain experience. Since retirement I have taken on a increasing number of paying clients.
The Process:
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