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 2016 Looking for Grandma

We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of  as many people as possible: Customized Trips: Designed to meet your specific research needs. We will travel to visit local Courthouses, Libraries, Cemeteries, etc. Dates, places and objectives will all be coordinated with you individually. Scheduled Trips:  These are our basic offerings. Dates and places are scheduled to meet our overall research needs. You are invited to add your  specific tasks to these trips whenever the destination  is of interest to you  (on a "Time available" basis).      NOTE: as the worlds largest Genealogical Library, the  FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY trips should be of interest to any family historian. Spot Checks: Services such as our 1Name1Book1$ specials. When we are at the Family History Library ( or other facility) we will gladly check for specific, limited information which you believe can be found there.  Internet  Research:   Since you are  looking at this online and could do this yourself, you may wonder why we offer this. Simply put -- our combination of experience and  high speed  access to various premium sites could  save you time and money! Photography: If you wish, tombstones, structures, localities, even documents can be photographed. Our preferred camera is digital, capable of  recording documents at sufficient resolution to enlarge for easy reading. Images are available on floppy disc, CD, as ink jet prints, or as commercial photos, and in a variety of  file formats (jpg, gif, png etc). Digitization:  Documents can be scanned into PDF format, multi-page documents can be linked into single files, creating a “book” of multiple pages. These can be saved, shared, printed, and otherwise adjusted for easier use while preserving the originals from the damage of additional handling.           Current fee information for each type of service is available. Please contact us.           As you saw on an earlier page, unfortunately there are no guaranteed results for the basic research, except that we will report our findings to you!
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