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 2016 Looking for Grandma

1)  What will I get? Such as the report, research calendar, copies of research, family group sheets, consultation, analysis of records, biographies, photos, etc.                  1) I typically provide an (automated) narrative report of the ancestry found; a copy of my Research Log; copies of pertinent documents (census, wills, etc); and an analysis of any special problems or situations. The research log shows resources checked, their pertinence, and the time expended- this is the billing documentation. Additional/alternate presentations -family group charts, pedigree charts, etc will be provided based on the preferences of the client. I do not write "biographies" in any full sense - the key elements of "who, where, when" for major life events are the focus. Biographical information, when found, would be cited or referenced depending on the extent of the material. "Consultations" with my clients are vital - the client must set the expense limits, as well as provide the initial information from which to work. The extent of the consultation could vary from "My grandmother Jane Smith was born in June 1926 in Thattown, Thisstate.  Tell me what you can about her ancestry, but spend no more than $100." to active participation in the research process.
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