Looking for Grandma
A Genealogical Research Service

 Don't worry! 'Looking for Grandma' is NOT  the current state of our research!  In fact...    

    ...our business name comes from an event during my first week researching at  Salt Lake City.                I vividly recall an older researcher having commented......                                        "Yes, I've been looking for my grandmother for thirty years!" If you are interested in looking for your grandmother, we would be pleased to assist in your research.
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 2016 Looking for Grandma

--Important Notice--

Looking for Grandma does not currently offer the services of any Accredited*or Certified** Genealogists. At LookingForGrandma.com you can not hire an accredited or certified genealogist. You CAN retain the services of an experienced, successful researcher of genealogy and family histories.  
   *Accredited is a term which refers to a Genealogist meeting the requirements of the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists. This designator was previously owned by the LDS Church. **Certified is a term which refers to a Genealogist meeting the requirements of the Board for Certification of Genealogists.
Hopefully, you have arrived at this point with two questions in mind.     1.  Can Looking for Grandma find my grandmother, my grandfather, my great aunt Cecil?     2.  How much will it cost?? There is a single, simple answer to both questions!      I Don't Know. (but keep reading)         Can we find Your Grandmother? While we can guarantee that your grandmother existed... (test tubes and cloning haven't eliminated that yet.) There is NO GUARANTEE that the documents to detail her life can be found. Fires, floods, overly enthusiastic 'housecleaning', even a former researcher's carelessly spilled coffee can eliminate the clues.         How much Will it cost?   You must decide what you want to spend, and how to apply it.                             For $1.00(US) we can do a one name, one book index search. (see "services")                       We'll tell you if a specific name occurs in the index of a specific book.  with one of four (4) results                                 1.  The book can not be located at the specified search location.           2.  The book has been located, but is not indexed.                                   3.  The index has been searched, but does not include the name.                                                                 4.  The index shows John Doe on page 7 and 249, and J. Doe on page 38 and 217. At the other extreme... lets see... 30 years, at 2080 hours per year, and $35.00 per hour.....             Well, you do the math.         Most projects are somewhere in between.  You must set the bounds.
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